Return to the Haystacks

Haystacks Rapids

The Haystacks are one of the most popular hiking and backpack camping destinations in the Endless Mountains.  Here, the Loyalsock Creek surges through a maze of Burgoon Sandstone boulders.  The Loyalsock Trail leads to the rapids and camping is allowed; however, fires are not.  This is an easy hike from US 220 and is ideal for kids. 

A few weekends ago, I visited the rapids with my niece and nephew, their dog Sage, and Leigh Ann.  The fall colors were still in the air.  I had not hiked with my niece and nephew in a while so it was nice to get on the trail with them.  This was my first hike with Sage, and she was excited to be in the woods. 

We made our way down the Loyalsock Creek, it clear water running over rapids and into pools.  I expected more damage from the epic September floods, but only a few places were washed out. 

We reached the rapids and relaxed, enjoying the scenery.  The water was high and a whirlpool formed under the main drop. 

The Haystacks are an ideal place in the summer to go swimming when the water is low.  There are many different holes to swim in.  Be careful, the Burgoon Sandstone is slippery and smooth. 

Few hikes offer the scenery, convenience, and ease of the Haystacks.  

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