Views from Home

Bald Mountain in the distance

A few evenings ago I was putting up a bluebird house and splitting some wood as the sun began to set.  The sun shone across the valley to light up the ridge across from my house.  In the distance, Bald Mountain was clothed in shadows under a sky of gray and white clouds.  As the sun set futher, the clouds were tinged with pink and red.  I wondered what the view must’ve been like from the top of that mountain, as the sun set over the distant plateaus, sending shafts of light across the horizon and painting the Susquehanna River silver and slate, deep in the valleys below.  I once climbed Bald Mountain, many years ago.  It’s summit is covered with miniature oak trees and lowbush blueberries.  There is also a praecipe of cliffs above talus slopes, revealing some of the finest views I have ever seen.   Someday I hope to climb that mountain again.  Until then, I have to be satisifed with the view from down below, which can be just as rewarding.     

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