Forksville Covered Bridge illuminated for the holidays

I love Forksville.  It is the most beautiful village in the Endless Mountains, nestled along the pristine Loyalsock Creek in a narrow valley surrounded by the steep slopes of the mountains and plateaus.  The small village is home to not even 200 people; it has some nice Victorian homes and a covered bridge that connects the “downtown” to PA 154.  For the outdoors lover, Forksville is almost encircled by Worlds End State Park and the Loyalsock State Forest.

After our hike, Leigh Ann and I went looking for a place to eat.  We soon settled on the Forksville General Store and Restaurant, right next to the covered bridge.  We were to be the only customers, as another couple were leaving as we entered.

Forksville General Store- a great place to eat after hiking on the trail

The dining room is small, maybe the size of a large living room.  If you like local flavor, this is the place to eat.  The food is good, prices are cheap, and the rolls are fresh.

OBX has nothin' on FRX

And did I mention this small, cozy restaurant has a stage?  Yes, it does.  The Forksville General Store is famous for its dinner shows, where the owner and his daughter play music as you eat, but it is BYOB.  It’s an experience like no other.  People eating, drinking, and then the dancing begins…  I went to one of these shows once, let’s just say I was happy I was staying at a cabin at Worlds End that night.

Sax Daddy's at the Forksville General Store- an Endless Mountains experience you cannot miss

So the next time you’re in Worlds End or hiking the Loyalsock Trail, visit Forksville and the Forksville General Store.  If you want some choice, I also recommend the Forksville Inn, just down the road along PA 87. 

Forksville General Store:



One thought on “Forksville

  1. every time i visit the area i make sure i go to the general store for breakfast and the inn for dinner, and sometimes i pick up a hoagie at the gas station for my hike, but they’re huge! sometimes cant fit em in my pack. love forksville, good people and good food

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