Little Rocky Glen

Ice Flows in Little Rocky Glen

Although small in size, Little Rocky Glen is big on beauty.  This small preserve is owned and protected by the Countryside Conservancy and it encompasses a shale and sandstone gorge, about one hundred feet deep, carved by the South Branch Tunkhannock Creek.  The creek features cascades and rapids, with deep pools and potholes carved into the bedrock.  Cliffs and ledges rise above the creek, often draped by ferns and hemlocks. 

Mushroom shaped rock above the first falls

The preserve is located between Tunkhannock and Factoryville, just off of US 6, along Lithia Valley Road.  There is a new gravel parking lot on the right, if driving from US 6, before the new concrete bridge. 

Pool below the falls

To be close to the creek, hike along the south side of it, where shelves of ledges rise above the water.  Although it is not hard, watch for slick spots.  You can hike to the big ledge at the falls and look at the potholes.  Continue down into the glen to see the rapids, boulders, and cliffs carpeted with moss.  Avoid this section of the glen in high water because there are very powerful rapids.  Kayakers enjoy running the glen when the water is high.  I’ve paddled the glen many times, with mixed results.  I’ve flipped, swam, and even lost my boat once.  My friends found it about a half-mile downstream, perched on a rock as if it belonged there.

Rapids in the glen

Trails also lead from the parking lot to cliffs overlooking the glen; they lead down to a field and the bottom pool where there is a picnic pavillion.  It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery.  The pavillion is made of wood and blends into the setting perfectly.

Bottom pool near the picnic pavillion

I enjoy visiting glen when I want a quick, convenient place to get outside.  The trails are not marked or blazed, but they are generally easy to follow.  Kids love the glen, and it is a great place to take them in low water; they will be enthralled by the water, pools, rocks, and wildlife.

Looking down the glen from the bridge

3 thoughts on “Little Rocky Glen

  1. Our family used to picnic here every Sunday==Some 65 years ago. It was owned by the Badell”s (sp?)

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