Heberly and Quinn Runs

This weekend I returned to SGL 13 to scout the Endless Mountains Trail along Quinn and Shanty Runs.  Saturday was bright and sunny, and fairly warm.  A great day to be out.  We drove through Jamison City and reached the game lands, where the road was rebuilt after the floods; it looked as if the road had become the streambed, with cobbles on both sides of it.

We began by hiking up the gated road.  Soon, Twin Falls came into view from the road, roaring from down below.  The creeks were still high as springs seem to seep from everywhere, creating rivulets and tiny waterfalls down the mountain.  There were even some interesting ice flows, slowly melting in the sunlight.

We reached Lewis Falls as it plummeted into an icy grotto.  It was an impressive sight.  We took a break as I wondered how we were going to cross the creek.  Heberly Run was far too swift above the falls.

Lewis Falls

We hiked up along Heberly Run looking for a place to cross.  This is a beautiful stream and I hope to explore more of it.  We passed a small chasm with rapids and a slide.

Beautiful Heberly Run

We were able to cross this swift stream by hopping on rocks.  After a hike back down to Quinn, we wouldn’t be as lucky.  After trying to find the best way across, we made it, but not without wet feet.
We hiked up the trail to the juncture of Quinn and Shanty Runs, a place of remarkable natural beauty.  The Endless Mountains Trail is anticipated to follow a grade up along Shanty Run which has a carved a very deep gorge harboring several more waterfalls.

Falls on Shanty Run

Quinn Run also joins with its own series of waterfalls and waterslides under ancient hemlocks.  Some places just feel special, this is such a place.
Waterslides on Quinn Run

It was getting late and there were still many more miles to go; the terrain along Quinn Run up to the plateau is steep and difficult.  We decided to turn around.  We had to face the same two difficult creek crossings, and on the first I just accepted my feet were going to get soaked as I just walked across.  The water was frigid.  I will have to return to finish my scout of Quinn Run to Muncy Creek.
We walked back down to the car as the shadows began to stretch across the deep mountain hollows.
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