Return to Quinn Run- SGL 13

Falls on Quinn Run

I returned to Quinn Run this past weekend to scout a route to Muncy Creek.  I hiked up Grassy Hollow Road and heard the roar of Big Falls, which were out of sight.  I soon passed Twin Falls and left the gated road at Lewis Falls.  Thankfully, the creeks were much lower on this hike, so I was able to cross without much problem.  I hiked up an unblazed trail, turned left onto an overgrown grade, and soon I was at the junction of Quinn and Shanty Runs.
My route was to follow Quinn Run.  The run has carved a deep and rugged glen with several waterfalls and numerous cascades.  In other places, the creek flowed around many small boulders.  I crossed where I needed, but to my surprise, segments of old grades followed the creek closely.  Ledges and small cliffs would rise over the creek.  As I continued, the glen became even steeper, similar to Dutters Run along the Loyalsock Trail. 
I soon reached a remarkable grotto surrounded by ice flows and hemlocks.  Ahead a three tiered falls, about 20 feet high, the highest falls on Quinn Run.  It was hard to get a view of this falls since it was embedded between the ledges.  A tree fell in front of the bottom drop and crystal clear icicles clung underneath. 

Highest falls on Quinn Run

I scrambled around this falls to encounter another one above a series of smooth bedrock slides.  More waterfalls were above, announcing thier presence.  This was like a mini-Ricketts Glen.  The surrounding forest had some large hemlocks, almost looked to be old growth.  I then reached an impressive stairstep of three waterfalls.
I passed one more small waterfall that fed a large pool and hiked through a verdant hemlock forest.  I then crossed a small meadow that reminded me of the Quehanna as crystal-clear Quinn Run babbled in its meandering channel.  More impressive hemlock forests followed with moss and ground pine.  It was very beautiful.  I found a gated grassy forest road and bushwhacked to a dirt road near the game commission parking area.  I then hiked down to the headwaters of Muncy Creek.  The forest here was incredible- mounds of fluffy sphagnum moss, ground pine, old hemlocks- it was so dark and green.  It was tough to find the creek at first, as it flowed silently between trees and through calm pools.  Soon, a creek bed formed and I followed it to Robinson Road, the end of my bushwhack.
But there was still a lot more hiking to do.  I followed the dirt road and turned left back onto Grassy Hollow Rad and hiked that down.  This road appears to be closed, and it made for a very nice hike.  Heberly Run soon came into view and it was a beautiful creek with small waterslides and rapids, linked by deep, aquamarine pools.  Below Meeker Run, a side stream, there were several 4-5 foot waterfalls and curving waterslides.  The old road was well above the creek, but there were great views since the leaves were off the trees.  Heberly looks to be a great creek to hike in summer with all its waterslides and pools.
I reached my car as the moon began to rise.  I hiked about 11 miles and was able to see another incredible place in Pennsylvania.

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