Tanners Falls

Tanners Falls

Located in SGL 159 north of Honesdale, just a short distance from a single lane dirt road is Tanners Falls.  This falls is about 20 feet high and cascades down slabs of rock into a large pool.  Above it is an old, and closed, metal and wooden bridge with fieldstone piers supporting it.

My shadow in the falls

This was a working falls, once home to mills.  What is intriguing about Tanners Falls are all the old stone walls and fieldstone footers that create a labyrinth.  These used to support mills, no long gone.  The walls are draped with moss and partially concealed by brush.
The stoneworks have even been built into the side of the hill.
Another view of Tanners Falls.
Prior to going to Tanners Falls, we stopped by the pleasant hamlet of Lackawaxen; the drive along the Lackawaxen River is very nice.  We saw the Roebling Bridge, a suspension bridge designed by John Roebling.  It is the oldest remaining wire suspension bridge in the United States.  This bridge, also known as an aqueduct, was built to carry a canal over the Delaware River.  Now it carries lighter traffic.  Roebling would go on to design a slightly more famous bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Roebling Bridge over the Delaware River at Lackawaxen



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