Slumber Valley Falls


Slumber Valley Falls

As the Meshoppen Creek flows towards the Susquehanna River, it has cut gorges that harbor a couple of waterfalls and rapids.  The highest of these is Slumber Valley Falls, located behind Slumber Valley Campground.  The creeks cascades down about 20 or 25 feet into a huge pool surrounded by cliffs.  Giant, smooth potholes have formed in the bedrock at the base of the falls; two are large enough to fit a couple of people, and so deep you cannot stand up within them.  Considering their height and the substantial size of the Meshoppen Creek, this is one of the largest waterfalls in the area.
Ice flows and springs were on the north-facing side of the gorge where there is a delicate waterfall from a cliff.  On the hike down to the falls, there is another small waterfall that tumbles over moss-covered ledges.

The falls are a beautiful sight and deafening in high water.  The gorge is cloaked with hemlocks, and in summer, draped with ferns. 

For more information about Slumber Valley Campground, click here.


Meshoppen Creek


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