D&H Rail Trail

Rapids on the Lackawanna River

This past weekend I visited the D&H Rail Trail at Simpson.  I was surprised to see a few inches of crusty snow.  As a result, my goal to explore the waterfalls of the Panther Creek Nature Preserve was nixed, so we took a walk along the rail trail.

Pennsylvania has more rail trails than any other state, and although the D&H is not one of the more famous ones, it is still very nice.  The trail follows the Lackawanna River closely; the river is small, really the size of a large creek.  But it is famous for its trout fishing and widely recognized as one of the finest trout streams in the Mid-Atlantic.  This is surprising considering the Lackawanna River’s bruised and exploited past.

This upper section of the Lackawanna is quite scenic, with many rapids, deep pools, small cliffs, and hemlock forests.  Old railroad viaducts cross the river, hinting at its industrial past.

Looking down the Lackawanna River

After a mile or two, we turned around as the white snow blazed under the crisp, metallic blue sky.  When spring arrives, I hope to return.  For more information about the D&H Rail Trail, click here.

On the D&H Rail Trail



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