Bluebells at the Vosburg Neck

Bluebells in bloom

The Vosburg Neck is one of the most unique places in the Endless Mountains.  Here, the Susquehanna River has created an oxbow loop.  While most oxbow loops are created in deltas are aluvial plains, this one has been carved through the mountains.  Mountains rise over 1,000 feet above the river, creating a gorge with cliffs.  The Vosburg Neck is widely considered to be among the most beautiful places along the entire Susquehanna River.

The neck is now completely protected.  Half of it is comprised of Camp Lackawanna, a private religious camp that is home to the Endless Mountains Nature Center and over 8 miles of trails that are open to the public most of the year.  The nature center is a wonderful place to visit and offers many programs for families and children.  You can also visit injured red-tail hawks and other birds of prey, which are cared for at the facility.

The other half of the neck is owned by the North Branch Land Trust as the Howland Preserve, an amazing gift to the land trust from Ernest Howland. This preserve features a boat launch and hiking trails are planned.

The highlights of the neck are its diverse forests, the river, and remnants of the North Branch Canal, which can still be seen today with its stone canal walls.  Wildlife abounds at the neck and it is a popular place for bald eagles and ospreys.

Probably the most popular attraction are the bluebells, which bloom in late April.  Take the Trail of Blessings down to the river, where the trail explores a riparian forest with massive silver maple and sycamores.  There are also several acres of bluebells, creating an incredible floral display. When we were there, it was just past peak, but it is still a sight to see.

For more pictures, click here.





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