Schooley Mountain

View from Schooley Mountain

Schooley Mountain rises above the village of Noxen.  I remember driving along Route 29 and looking up at the mountain, wondering if there was a view up there.  This weekend I was able to find out.

I met two friends in Noxen and walked to the trail to begin the steep ascent; the trail climbs 1,000 feet in a mile or so.  Although the mountain is privately owned, the owner does not mind hikers.  At the bottom, there were some large white pine trees.  The trail climbed under hardwoods that were beginning to show their leaves.

Finally the trail leveled off and soon reached a rock outcrop with a superb view to the west, showing the broad, muscular plateaus rising in the distance.  Sorber Mountain’s hulking mass rose to the southwest, and the narrow, meandering valley of Bowman Creek disappeared into the mountains.  Closer were a series of small drainages creating several uniform ridges covered with blooming leaves.  To the south were farmlands and the escarpment of the plateau.  You could even see Harvey’s Lake.  We sat and enjoyed the view in the vivid sunshine as vultures and hawks soared overhead, and beneath us.

For better or worse, the view from Schooley Mountain will soon change.  A massive wind turbine farm is under construction, with over 90 turbines to be constructed, including one only a short distance behind the view.  I was happy to see the view before the turbines went up.

If you happen to climb Schooley Mountain, follow any posted signs, and treat this beautiful place with respect.

For more pictures, click here.



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