Loyalsock Trail Backpack to the Secret Campsite

About to begin, kind of- Leigh Ann’s first backpacking trip

This past weekend we decided to do a quick overnight on the Loyalsock Trail; this would be Leigh Ann’s first time backpacking.  The hope was to do the Loyalsock-Link Loop.  However, we did not get to Worlds End until about 3 p.m.  We packed up under cloudy, humid skies and started down the trail.  The initiation soon began.  The trail up to High Rock is rocky and steep.  Once at High Rock Vista, it was clear we could not do the loop with such a late start and still reach the Secret Campsite.  We returned to the park for Plan B.

Plan B was to drive to the Haystacks parking area off of Route 220, and hike into the Secret Campsite from there.  We were soon on the trail and reached the Haystacks in good time.  As luck would have it, the skies cleared and sun shone over the rapids.  Only one other couple was there.  We relaxed a little and proceeded down the trail for several more miles.  We passed another couple backpacking, who asked about the Haystacks.  A turn off of the trail and short bushwhack soon brought us to the Secret Campsite.  As the name implies, I don’t think I’m allowed to let you all know where it is at.  However, with its stone furniture, isolated location, soft ground, and deep swimming holes, I bet you wish I could tell you.

Loyalsock Creek

We set up camp, swam, ate and relaxed.  I stayed up a little later as the stars emerged and a nearly full moon rose to illuminate the creek with a ghostly glow.

The next morning was bright and warm as the sun shone across the riffles in the creek.  Near camp were two symmetrical mounds of moss that resembled, well, you’ll see from the pictures.  Leigh Ann took a picture of me holding them as we laughed.  We got our things together and headed back on the trail.  We pretended we were thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail; the campsite we left was Mt. Springer in Georgia and the parking area was Katahdin in Maine.  We entered a new state every half mile or so.  It made for a quick thru-hike.  We were soon at the car, where we decided to check out Sones Pond.

More pictures.




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