Sones Pond and the Colley Pub

Blue on blue- Sones Pond

After our quick backpack trip on the Loyalsock Trail, we decided to take a drive up and check out Sones Pond.  We reached the pond and it was a gorgeous sight.  The blue skies and puffy clouds reflected off of the surface as a green forest enveloped the shore.  The clear, amber water was cool as minnows darted in random directions.  With the soft breeze, warm sunshine, and no bugs- I didn’t want to leave.  The pond is in the Loyalsock State Forest and is open to fishing and non-powered boats.  The Loyalsock Trail follows the northeast corner of the pond, where there are some superb campsites.  Regardless if you like to hike or not, the pond is beautiful place to get away, fish, or have a picnic.  For those who are more adventurous, there are several off-trail waterfalls along Coal Run, the pond’s outlet stream.

Next was a stop at the Colley Pub along PA 87 in the tiny hamlet of Colley.  This is the perfect place for an after-hike meal and some local flavor- great food, huge portions, reasonable prices, plus a large deck overlooking the valley.  Just keep in mind the pub does not accept credit cards.

Enjoying the Colley Pub

More pictures.

Location of Sones Pond.




One thought on “Sones Pond and the Colley Pub

  1. Love the Sones Pond area. We camped there the last night when we hiked the LT over Thanksgiving weekend. Woke up in the morning with a thin layer of ice across the pond.

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