Camping at the Quemahoning Reservoir

Quemahoning Reservoir

The Quemahoning Reservoir is a beautiful place.  In recent years, it has been opened to the public, featuring miles of undeveloped shore, clear water, and fine camping.  It is perfect for kayaking, since motorboats are not allowed.  The reservoir is big, covering over 900 acres.

During my paddling weekend a few weeks ago, I camped at the Quemahoning Family Recreation Area along the reservoir.  We got a site right next to the water.   The campground was nice, cheap, and featured warm showers.  It would make a fine home base to explore the Laurel Highlands or paddle the Stonycreek River.  Alcohol is not allowed.

The mirrored surface undulated with gentle ripples, reflecting muscular cumulus clouds.  In the morning, heavy mist draped over the lake and veiled the mountains.  We did not stay very long the next day, as we loaded our cars and headed down to the Casselman River.

Morning mist

More pictures.


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