Fords Lake

Fords Lake

Nestled between forested hills and bucolic fields is serene Fords Lake, located just off of PA 307 between Clarks Summit and Lake Winola.

The small lake covers 73 acres and features several small coves and bays along its undeveloped shoreline.  Fords Lake attracts anglers who ply the water casting for bluegill, crappie, bullheads, and largemouth bass.  For the kayaker, the lake is a peaceful place to paddle away from the boat traffic of larger lakes.  The shallow waters reveal a few stumps where you can expect to see a turtle.  Wading birds, such as herons, also visit the lake.


On these late summer days as the sun begins to wane and the clouds crystallize in the cobalt sky, quiet and secluded Fords Lake is a perfect place to try your luck fishing, or dipping your paddle into the water.

Cobalt skies

A few more pictures.


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