Iroquois Trail

Iroquois Trail

Located outside of Tunkhannock is the new Iroquois Trail, a 3 mile rail-trail that is ideal for walking or biking.  The trailhead parking area is paved and located along Sunnyside Road, near the 911/Emergency Center.

I visited the trail one evening, and was surprised by how nice it was.  The trail follows a gentle grade with thick forests of hardwoods and hemlocks.  It follows the Tunkhannock Creek upstream, but stays high above the creek.  Many ledges and rock overhangs are along the trail, often covered with moss, ferns, or white lichens.  Benches are along the trail.

Although the trail is easy, it does cross above steep banks.  Keep an eye on children if they are riding their bikes.

I did not walk the entire trail, but I believe it ends suddenly since the county only owns so much of the former rail line.  There is talk of extending the trail.

The Iroquois Trail is an ideal place to go for a walk, run, or quick bike ride.

Evening rainbow



2 thoughts on “Iroquois Trail

  1. Hi Jeff,

    As a kid, my uncle used to tell me about a cave in the mountains around Tunkhannock with Indian drawings on the walls. I wish I knew if that story was for real. Perhaps one day you’ll find them (or you already have and you’re keeping it a secret)!

    Happy Trails,

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