Osterhout Mountain

View of Lake Carey

Thirty mile views to the south

Located near Tunkhannock, Osterhout Mountain rises to an elevation of 1,900 feet; it also features a respectable 1,300 foot vertical rise from the Susquehanna River.  The mountain is also known as Shadowbrook Mountain.

We began the hike in late afteroon to enjoy the views with a setting sun.  There were showers earlier in the day; clouds alternated with sunshine and a deep blue sky.

Our route was a dirt road the climbs up the mountain to access some communication towers.  A pipeline clearing created the views.  Although the mountain is privately owned, we did not encounter any no trespassing signs during our hike.

The first view was to the north, as we overlooked Lake Carey and the rolling fields and forests that stretched off into the distance.  Towering, white cumulus clouds threatened with rain.  I would not be surprised if you could see into New York.  The mountain offers 20-40 mile views.

We reached the top and enjoyed a view to the south, the best view from the mountain.  Bald Mountain rose in the distance, and the ridges on the far side of Wilkes-Barre could be seen.  Closer was a mosaic of fields, meadows, and ponds with rolling green hills.  You could even see a part of Lake Winola.

We sat and enjoyed the remarkable view as the clouds shifted over the landscape, leaving draperies of rain showers.

Rain showers to the north

We made our way back down the mountain and came across a semi-tame doe.  She allowed me to get within twenty feet of her before running off into the woods.

We reached the car in the twilight, imagining what the view must look like in the Autumn.

More pictures.


2 thoughts on “Osterhout Mountain

  1. Thank you for your well-written travelogues of my home region. I especially love the gorgeous photos. Do you ever get up into Susquehanna County? There are spectacular views from Mt. Ararat.

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