Bartlett Mountain Balds in Autumn

The amazing fall colors of the Bartlett Mountain Balds

I wanted to return to the Bartlett Mountain Balds to check them out in the Autumn.  I’m gald I did.  The balds are one of the most unique places in Pennsylvania, and the amazing colors only made it more special.

Jen, Melissa, Florian, and Ryan joined me on this hike.  The sky was overcast as we hiked up White Brook and enjoyed its waterfall.  The long climb up the plateau followed; we passed one large vine that twisted itself in such a way that it resembled a heart.

As we neared the top of the plateau, the birch began to reveal bright yellow foliage.  We left the trail and headed north, to a series of cliffs and ledges, including one huge overhang.  Rocks were stacked on top of each other; another was half way off the rock it was sitting.  I tried to move it along.  The cliffs were riddled with caves and crevices.

We proceeded north to the balds, where the bedrock had been exposed, or covered by spruce and lowbush blueberry bushes.  The colors were amazing.  The blueberry bushes were a vivid red, and stretched on for acres.  Cliffs and dramatic overhangs offered views to the east.  Deep green spruce trees guarded the balds.

On an overhang along the balds

We continued along the north cliff rim where we reached a deep crevasse and a view to the northwest.  We ate some food, amazed by the silence.  Dark clouds gathered overhead.

We hiked down from the balds to explore more cliffs and caves.  We came across one massive overhang the towered over Florian.

A massive rock shelter

On the hike back down, Jen expressed amazement that someplace so beautiful and special could be so close to home.  That is true in more ways than we realize.

More pictures.



6 thoughts on “Bartlett Mountain Balds in Autumn

  1. I’d love to have more specifics on how to find the trail head, or to meet up with someone who knows the area (I usually hike solo, but it sounds as if that might be a good way to get good and lost!)

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