Bucktail Overlook

Views of the vast Quehanna plateau from the Bucktail Overlook

I was starting to head down the mountain from the Fred Woods Trail to Driftwood when I noticed a road to the left with a sign for the Bucktail Overlook.  Naturally, I had to check it out.

The road climbed and then crested, surrounded by huge meadows and amazing views in almost every direction.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was like being on a grassy bald in the Smoky Mountains.  The north revealed a wave of small ridges and hills.  The northeast had a prominent ridge with deep glens- the Squaretimber Wild Area.  The south offered a breathtaking panorama of the Quehanna Plateau.  The escarpment towered, its steep buttresses folded with small glens and gorges.  The southeast view had the deep, winding valley of Sinnemahoning Creek and the hamlet of Driftwood.

View to the east and the Bucktail Path

The diversity of terrain was impressive.  So was the scale of the topography.  The overlook is about 1,300 vertical feet above Driftwood.  Views expanded in all directions.  A strong wind swept over the meadows as the clouds sailed across the sky.

A lady was there with her two daughters.  She had been here before.  Her daughters began to run down the meadow.  She said to me, “Isn’t it beautiful?”.  It was.  I told her this was my first time here.  She looked at me with knowing eyes, but also with the exhileration that everytime was the first time at such a place.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Driftwood, you must stop by the Bucktail Overlook.  It is one of the finest vistas in the state.

View to the north

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