Big Rocks at Buck Run (Old Loggers Path)

Table Top Rock

This past weekend I ventured to the Old Loggers Path and the Loyalsock State Forest.  There were some sites off of the trail I wanted to explore.

First was a bog at the headwaters of Doe Run.  The hardwood forests had lost most of its leaves, but much of the forest floor was covered with deep green ground pine.  Along the way I passed a vernal pool, its clear, shallow waters reflected the forest perfectly.

I reached the bog, which was more of a wet meadow.  However, the meadow didn’t even seem that wet.  I did not see any open water.  I bushwhacked towards the Old Loggers Path, trying to find Doe Run so I could follow it.  It was an odd stream, flowing underground with no streambed, until it suddenly emerged from the ground to meander through the forest.  Its gradient picked up as it tumbled over rocks.  Soon I reached the Old Loggers Path at a campsite.

I headed to Buck Run to see a huge rock city just off of the trail.  I saw some big rocks through the bare forests, so I headed towards them.  I was treated to massive boulders and overhangs with small caves and draperies of moss.

One rock was very unique- Table Top Rock, which featured a rectangular overhang off of both ends that resembled its namesake.

Cliffs and large ledges surrounded the ridge.  There were partial views from the top of distant windmills.  The forest was littered with massive boulders stacked on top of each other, or angled and concaved, partially sunken into the soil.

The cliffs became more dramatic as I headed east along the ridge, culminating with a fractured, towering cliff riddled with crevices and caves.

See-through cave in a cliff

I scrambled to the top which revealed boulders upturned and tilted, cracked and separated by deep crevasses.  I was careful to watch my step. I wondered what hidden world lied underneath.

Rock bridge

Another crevasse featured a rock bridge that capped an opening deep into the outcrop.

I explored the base of the rocks and cliffs I saw from the top.  Moss hung to the sides as ferns grew along cracks.  I wondered how many animals I passed, hiding in the small caves.

I returned to the Old Loggers Path and hiked back to the car through a world of gold and orange.

Last foliage of the season

The location of the big rocks near Buck Run.

More pictures.


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