Cobey Pond

Cobey Pond

Surrounded by State Game Lands 316, beautiful Cobey Pond is one of the best-kept secrets in the Poconos.  The pond covers about fifty acres or so and features several small islands and a rocky western shore that offers nice views over the water.

We arrove at the parking area fairly late as the setting sun dipped between the bare trees.  We followed a gated, grassy road as it gradually meandered uphill.  We ended up taking the long way to the north end of the lake; the best route is to take the first grassy grade to the right after the parking area gate.  This will take you to the outlet of the pond.  A trail also circles the pond.  All the trails are easy, but are unblazed.

As we hiked along the shore, a beaver approached us as it swam across the water, leaving a wake on the still surface.   The beaver got closer and closer before veering to the right.  I saw the beaver again, but was a little too close as it smacked the water with its tail and dove under the water.  The beaver was soon back, scoping the shore.  We soon saw what it was after, several freshly chewed birch logs and branches.


The smooth waters reflected the forests and pastel sky perfectly as the sun disappeared.  Twilight crept over the lake as bats swooped overhead.

Cobey Pond is not without its colorful history.  It was once owned by a prominent cocaine drug runner who would pilot planes down to Colombia to pick up cocaine for sale in the United States.  The drug runner was eventually apprehended and his property was forfeited to become what are now state game lands.

Beaver making its rounds

Not only is Cobey Pond an ideal hiking destination, but is also perfect for paddling, although you would have to carry your boat in from the parking area.

Before we left, I saw the phrase “Begin the Dream” carved into wood on the dock.  Cobey Pond is just the place to give you that motivation.

We walked back to the car as light receded from the skies, thankful for seeing another hidden gem and planning my return during the deep green of summer or the blazing foliage of autumn.

More pictures.


2 thoughts on “Cobey Pond

  1. Nice report. My family has owned a cabin on Cadjaw Pond just outside of Honesdale for generations. If your ever in the area again you should check out Tanner’s Falls and the mill ruins around it. Its on the Dyberry Creek. It is a powerful waterfall and is quite impressive.

  2. I hike Cobey Pond often-beautiful. Just have to be careful going there- there is a rattlesnake den known by Fish and Game-they stopped me when I was leaving one time. Made me a little more aware. The area is known to have their fair share of snakes- my husband shot a rattler 50 feet from our home last year-it was 9ft long!. It was too close to a populated area unfortunately. Enjoy the views but just beware.Belinda Miller, Hawley PA

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