Falls of Buttermilk Creek

Falls on Buttermilk Creek

Falls on Buttermilk Creek

The small village of Falls is named after an impressive series of waterfalls along Buttermilk Creek that plummet to the Susquehanna River.  The waterfalls are notable for their height and amount of water they can carry.  Buttermilk Creek drains a sizeable area and in high water the falls are deafening.  In fact, the falls are listed as an Outstanding Scenic Geological Feature by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey.

The falls are on private property and the owner gave me permission to see them.  Many postcards, especially older ones, featured the falls and I believe it was once a picnic area.  Today, the falls are hidden from the road, guarded by giant white pine trees.



The sight is immediately impressive, with two large waterfalls that empty into a deep pool, surrounded by ledges.  Smaller cascades complete the scene as the creek stairsteps down the bedrock.  More waterfalls are downstream.

Buttermilk Creek

Buttermilk Creek

From the high mountaintops to the deep stream valleys, natural beauty can be found throughout the Endless Mountains.


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