Prompton State Park

View along the Cliff Trail

View along the Cliff Trail

Prompton State Park is located near Honesdale and encompasses Prompton Lake, an Army Corps of Engineers flood control project.  The lake covers 290 acres and the park features over 20 miles of trails on 1,500 acres of public land.  This is a popular place for mountain bikers, and the trails are generally tailored to fit their needs; however, there is some very good hiking to be found at Prompton, particularly in the northern part of the park.

We arrived on a cold, blustery day as wind whipped down the lake.  We crossed over the dam and began on the Hemlock Trail as it meandered through scenic hemlock forests, interspersed with hardwoods.  We reached one cove featuring a deep hemlock forest as sun spliced through the trees.  It was a beautiful spot.  We turned on the High Ledge Trail, which continued its meandering ways as it traversed some ledges.  The trail took us down a rocky drainage to the East Shore Trail.  This trail stayed above the lake as cliffs loomed deeper in the forest.  We passed a meadow and soon reached the start of our hike near the dam.

We drove to the northern part of the park where I wanted to check out the Hiker, Cliff, and Sidewinder Trails.  I’m glad we did, this was an excellent hike.

The trail initially followed an abandoned road carpeted with moss and leaves.  We turned left onto the Hiker Trail and it was a lot of fun as we climbed between tiers of massive ledges, slicked with springs.  The ledges were comprised of blocks of cross bedded sandstone.  We then turned left onto the Cliff Trail which took us through the woods and down to a beautiful creek flowing under hemlock and spruce.  Not sure where the waterfalls were, we headed upstream on the Cliff Trail.  No luck, but it was still a beautiful trail through a deep hemlock forest and a meandering stream.

After retracing our steps, we headed downstream along a beautiful trail that traversed the deepening gorge of red bed rock.  Cascades and waterslides adorned the creek as the gradient picked up.  Soon we were treated to a long waterslide.  The creek was running low.  Just below us was an impressive red rock chasm.

Red rock chasm above the waterfalls

Red rock chasm above the waterfalls

We hiked down the steep trail to the first falls as it tumbled down a series of ledges.  It must be an incredible sight in higher water.  Another falls was downstream, but was too difficult to get a picture of it with a dusting of snow on the ground and the low water flow.  This is a beautiful spot.

First falls in low water

First falls in low water

We reached the East Shore Trail and turned right, crossing the flood torn streambed.  The trail then treated us to a scenic walk along the Lackawaxen River.

Trail along the Lackawaxen River

Trail along the Lackawaxen River

We reached the car for the drive home.

For water lovers, the lake is an excellent place to kayak and fish.  It is undeveloped and features many bays and coves.

For more information, visit Friends of Prompton State Park.

More pictures.


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