SGL 57- Boulder Brook and Mehoopany Creek

Boulders in the upper Mehoopany Creek

Boulders in the upper Mehoopany Creek

I returned to SGL 57 with Wes and Ryan to explore an unnamed creek between Somers Brook and South Brook.  We drove to the top of the mountain during a frigid, sunny morning.  At the top we were greeted with incredible spruce forests that remind me of the Adirondacks, just six hours closer to home.

We followed a series of gated game commission roads to our creek, which I’ll call Boulder Brook.  The brook meandered crazily under a dark hemlock forest.  We soon reached the edge of the plateau where cascades began to announce themselves.  The brook then dashed steeply down the mountain over a maze of huge boulders, hence the name.  The gorge was very steep and had flood damage.  In higher water, this would be an impressive place to hike with countless cascades.  With the bright sun and low water, it was hard to get a good picture.  The terrain was very rugged with all the boulders, but we reached Mehoopany Creek and Southbrook Road.

We hiked up the road, really a grassy path.  Our goal was an impressive chasm or gorge with rapids, waterslides and deep pools.  As we hiked upstream, entire mountainsides were consumed by the floods, offering views of new rapids far below.  We soon reached the gorge, which was scoured by the floods.  A deep pool lied at the bottom.  The water danced over ledges and slides.  It is a beautiful place.  A high cliff towered above us, decorated with icicles.

Wes exploring the gorge along the Mehoopany Creek

Wes exploring the gorge along the Mehoopany Creek

We pushed upstream and reach Southbrook Road once again, part of it was obliterated by the floods.  It is hard to imagine the epic amount of water during the floods, in places it was 15 feet higher than the creekbed.

We reached a nice meadow at South Brook and followed a grassy grade across the plateau back to the car.  Along the way Ryan saw a huge buck as the soggy trail passed through thickets of bare blueberries.  The trail brought us back to the where we started.

More pictures.

Location of the gorge and rapids along the Mehoopany Creek.


2 thoughts on “SGL 57- Boulder Brook and Mehoopany Creek

  1. Jeff,
    The brook that your are referring to as “Boulder Brook” may be what “the locals” and I always knew as Skeleton Brook. (may actually be on some of the older maps?) Love your blog and attached photos as I grew up hunting/hiking/fishing in PAGLs #57,# 66. I am hoping to change my work schedule/lifestyle so that I may spend time in these wild places again with my boys as they get older!

    • Kevin,
      Thanks, glad you enjoy it. SGL 57 is awesome, I have not seen much of SGL 66. If we’re talking about the same brook, “Skeleton” sounds good to me. I never saw a name for it on any maps.

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