Return to Somer Brook Falls

Somer Brook Falls

Somer Brook Falls

Despite only visiting Somer Brook Falls for the first time last week, I made my return a few days ago.  This time, I brought some company; Leigh Ann, Melissa, and Florian joined me on this hike.  I was excited to see the falls after some recent rains and cool weather.

Despite the snow and ice covered road, my Subaru had no problem as we climbed up the mountain.  We reached the top and began our hike under deep, aromatic spruce forests.  It was a different world, from the bare forests and fields in the valleys, to the colder, snow covered, and green spruce forests on top of the mountain.  We were surrounded by green.  Our first stop was to the stone cabin, and then we hiked through the woods and reached the top of the falls.

The falls were encased in columns of ice, sheaths of it covered rocks and branches over the water.  We made our way down to the base of the falls and everyone was impressed by the scenery.  The water was bit higher on this hike as ice surrounded the cascading water.   If the falls ever froze over completely it would be an amazing sight, rivaling even Kasson Falls, a few miles to the north.

We climbed back up and got a bite to eat above the roar of the falls.  We could see the distant mountains through the trees.  On the hike out, the creek was our guide through the verdant forest of moss and spruce.  The creek meandered quietly.  We returned to the car for the drive down the mountain.

More pictures.



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