Views from Big Pocono State Park

View south from Big Pocono State Park

View south from Big Pocono State Park

While driving home through the Poconos on a clear September day, I couldn’t pass up a chance to do a little exploring.  So we made the drive up to Big Pocono State Park to take in the views.  I was there several years ago on a hazy spring day, so it was nice to see the views on a clear day.  I was impressed to be able to see the Catskills, about a hundred miles away.  I could also see a vast section of the Appalachian Trail, from New Jersey all the way to the Hawk Mountain area near Port Clinton.  The top of the mountain has a stunted forest of trees.  The views are truly vast.  With Autumn quickly approaching, this is the place to go to see the foliage.

The state park has 8 miles of trails, many of them are also open to mountain biking.  The park is only open during the day.

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