Views from Big Pocono State Park

View south from Big Pocono State Park

View south from Big Pocono State Park

While driving home through the Poconos on a clear September day, I couldn’t pass up a chance to do a little exploring.  So we made the drive up to Big Pocono State Park to take in the views.  I was there several years ago on a hazy spring day, so it was nice to see the views on a clear day.  I was impressed to be able to see the Catskills, about a hundred miles away.  I could also see a vast section of the Appalachian Trail, from New Jersey all the way to the Hawk Mountain area near Port Clinton.  The top of the mountain has a stunted forest of trees.  The views are truly vast.  With Autumn quickly approaching, this is the place to go to see the foliage.

The state park has 8 miles of trails, many of them are also open to mountain biking.  The park is only open during the day.

More info on the park.

More pictures.


One thought on “Views from Big Pocono State Park

  1. I really enjoy hiking here. I start at the bottom at the entrance known as Riday’s Gate (off of Railroad Rd). The beginning is a mixed use trail that is an old railroad grade. It goes through some beautiful forests and has some really cool rock formations. While it is open to mountain bikers, I have’t seen more than one or two on any given trip. By starting here and doing all of the trails in the park, you can end up with a really satisfying 10 mile hike. I included Big Pocono in something I wrote for KTA about hikes to do in autumn in eastern PA: Two hikes from your book are also featured (Flat Top Vista and your Canyon Vista loop at World’s End).

    I guess I’ll just have to comment on your blog from now on (RIP the old Backpacker Forums).
    -Philly Mike

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