Kayaking Nescopeck Creek

Nescopeck Creek

Nescopeck Creek

The Nescopeck Creek, also known as the “Nesky”, flows north of Hazelton, joining the Susquehanna River near Berwick.  It is beloved by whitewater paddlers due to its numerous Class II+ rapids, surf waves, and fine scenery.

My friend Rob asked me to take a group of paddlers from the York area down the creek.  It had been several months since I paddled, so I was happy to get back on the water.  We met at the put-in, to see the forest covered with fresh snow.  It was beautiful, even in March.

We made our way down the creek and bounced down the rapids.  There were several waves where we surfed briefly.  The creek began to burrow into a gorge, with cliffs, rock, outcrops, and forests of hemlock and rhododendron.  The creek is virtually undisturbed, with only a few buildings.  As we paddled, the snow began to melt, and mushy snow balls would fall from the trees onto our heads and boats.

The creek soon brought us to Eagle Rock and the Chicken Hole, a popular place to surf.  The setting is striking as a rock outcrop on the left side of the creek reaches out over the water, shaped like an eagle’s head.  The hole was beefy and retentive.  I went into the hole as the current spun me around and forced me to side surf.  I soon flipped over, but was able to roll back up.

We enjoyed the remainder of the creek and soon reached the take out.  Everyone enjoyed their time on the water.

More pictures from another paddler in the group.

Where to put-in on the creek, and where to take-out.

The Nescopeck Creek on Facebook.


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