Bowman Hollow Falls

Bowman Hollow Falls

Bowman Hollow Falls

Just outside the scenic village of Forkston is a beautiful waterfall, Bowman Hollow Falls.  I’ve known about it for several years, but I never found a way to see it.  I once drove up along the road and was able to look into the gorge below, only to see the top of the falls.

While waterfall hunting in SGL 57 with Raymond Chippa, who has the Pennsylvania Waterfalls website, he offered to show me.  We parked along the road and took a path into the gorge.  What a beautiful place.  The creek slid over bedrock flumes and cascades as large trees towered overhead.  I saw one large tulip poplar tree, which can grow to be the tallest hardwood in the east.  The gorge walls surrounded us as shafts of morning light illuminated the mist and flies rising from the water.  The falls soon came into view and the setting is impressive.  The 40 foot falls were surrounded by a towering amphitheater of cliffs, carpeted with moss and lichen.  Red bedrock adorned the creek.  Springs trickled from the cliffs.  I sat there to take it all in. We walked back out and explored another falls that sinks into a narrow chasm and then feeds a pool followed by another cascade.  Sometimes a quick walk is as rewarding as a long hike.

The falls are on private land, which is not posted.  The falls have been described in books and on websites, and appear to be a local landmark that is regularly visited by the public.  As always, please treat such places with respect and thanks to the landowner for allowing the public to see the falls.

More photos and a video.


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