Return to the Waterfall Gorge, SGL 57

Highest falls in the Waterfall Gorge

Highest falls in the Waterfall Gorge

The plan was to hike up Caitlin Brook to see its waterfalls and then hike across the balds of Bartlett Mountain to White Brook.  However, we weren’t able to do that route.  So, I decided to show Raymond the secret Waterfall Gorge that I had explored a few weeks prior.

The forests were now green and the creek still had water despite the dry weather, although the flow was lower.  We bushwhacked for a couple miles through the woods and reached the unnamed creek as it tumbled down a steep bed of boulders to the first falls.  From the top of the highest falls, I could look down the steep and rugged gorge with its cliffs and boulders.  It was great to be back, this is truly a special place as the creek has carved a narrow gorge down to the bedrock with many slides, cascades, and four nice waterfalls.  There is even a pool right above the highest falls, a feature I have rarely seen.   Car-sized boulders were throughout the gorge as fractured cliffs rose overhead.

The bright sun illuminated the forests with fluorescent light as it glowed through the leaves.  Looking up to the highest falls was a gorgeous sight as a ribbon of water tumbled down the polished rock to a shelf, only to cascade down again.  The entire falls might be 40 feet tall.  The creek than slid along red bedrock to a small falls that fed a pool.  I stood on a large boulder above the pool and looked up the gorge to see the falls.  Another falls, about ten feet tall, was just downstream.  We hiked out of the gorge, looking for rattlesnakes, but we did not see a single one.  The deerflies, however, did find us.

This hidden gem is one of several in SGL 57.  With its balds, cliffs, views, caves, rock outcrops, spruce forests, gorges, gorgeous streams, and numerous waterfalls, SGL 57 rivals any state park.  It could be a national park.  It features a diversity that may be without peer in the Mid-Atlantic.

More photos.

A video of the gorge.


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