Gillespie Point and Bohen Run Falls

View of Pine Creek Gorge from Gillespie Point

View of Pine Creek Gorge from Gillespie Point

It had been a couple of years since I hiked in the Pine Creek Gorge area (other than the Golden Eagle Trail) and it was time for me to return.  This region is so beautiful with a vast array of trails that lead to glens, waterfalls, and vistas.  It is a special place and has a wild feel to it.  The pine trees seem to grow taller, the forests more aromatic.  It is a hiking wonderland.

I decided to check out Gillespie Point with its breathtaking views and a side hike to Jerry Run and Bohen Run Falls, near the beautiful village of Blackwell.  Gillespie Point is notable for being a peak in a region of plateaus.  Surrounded by towering plateaus along the pristine Pine Creek, Blackwell offers no shortage of natural beauty.

We parked in Blackwell and hiked through the village, following the Mid State Trail south.  The trail left the forest road and made a steady climb up to Gillespie Point.  The day was sunny and warm, and soon we were sweating.  The climb wasn’t too steep, and a breeze offered some comfort.  The trail turned left and became steeper.  Soon it leveled off before making one more climb to the summit, where we were treated to amazing views.  The rolling ridges and plateaus, covered in deep green, with blue skies, white clouds and brilliant sunshine made for a memorable sight.  We sat in the sun as the breeze washed over us.  I could see the village of Blackwell far below.  Simply incredible.  I didn’t want to leave, but we forced ourselves to get back on the trail.  Two other hikers reached the summit as we left.

We were treated to a smaller view to the north and then the trail descended through scenic woodlands above a small stream.  We reached the road and left the Mid State Trail, following the forest road back to Blackwell.

After getting a bite to eat, we took to Bohen Trail into the Pine Creek Gorge to see two waterfalls- Jerry Run and Bohen Run Falls.  It had been years since I had seen these falls, and I really wanted to get to the bottom of Bohen Run Falls.  The trail was beautiful as it climbed into a scenic forest of pine, hemlock, spruce, and laurel.  Jerry Run Falls soon came into view as we looked into its glen.  The trail passed the top of the falls and continued onto Bohen Run Falls, where it parsed thick laurel.  Bohen Run Falls soon appeared, but the trail was high above it.  I took the blue side trail down under giant white pine trees and reached what appeared to be a small, old quarry.  I bushwhacked down to the stream, avoiding all the trilliums that were coming up.  The mosquitos soon arrived as I walked up the stream to the falls.  Bohen Run Falls is a beautiful sight, set into a deep, mossy glen, surrounded by ledges and cliffs.  It is primeval.

Bohen Run Falls

Bohen Run Falls

We retraced our steps back to Blackwell, passing blooming phlox.  The sun was beginning to set across the gorge.  We looked down to see the clear waters of Pine Creek as Fork Hill and Gillespie Point rose prominently above us.  My prior absence had been too long, I need to get back here again.  Soon.

More photos and videos.

Hike as described on PAHikes.


3 thoughts on “Gillespie Point and Bohen Run Falls

  1. I really enjoy your posts but would like to correct you on something – you state that you passed blooming phlox. What you see this time of year is NOT phlox but Dames’ Rocket. Phlox has five petals and Dame’s Rocket has four petals, otherwise very similar.

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