Roger Hollow

View of Roger Hollow

View of Roger Hollow

The High Allegheny Plateau spreads across Pennsylvania and reaches its eastern end in a most beautiful fashion.  Narrowing into a meandering ridge, it descends to farmlands just west of the Susquehanna River in Wyoming County.

From the Susquehanna River to the top of the plateau illustrates one of the highest topographical reliefs in the state.  Valleys, known as hollows, are embedded into the plateau and ridges, shaped like bowls.  These hollows, such as Sugar Hollow, Bowman Hollow, and Roger Hollow are locally famous for their scenic beauty.   Well tended farms inhabit the hollows, as steep forested ridges rise above in a graceful upward slope.  This is some of the finest scenery in the Appalachians.

A friend recently invited me to hike Roger Hollow.  Although it is privately owned, my friend had permission to hike to some beautiful vistas.  I had never been to this hollow, so I was eager to go.  The gravel road leading up into the hollow soon revealed incredible views of rolling farmlands and forested mountains.

We reached the ridge with a view down the hollow.  New York was on the horizon.  We enjoyed the 30-40 mile views.  The mountains of Bradford County rose to the northwest.

Roger Hollow view

Roger Hollow view

Our hike continued around the hollow until we reached another dramatic view, looking more to the northeast.  We sat there, absorbed by the beauty.  We descended from the view and reached the fields, which revealed the wind as its invisible currents bent over the tall grass, revealing the silver in their stems.  Wildflowers dotted the meadows as puffy white cumulus clouds paraded across the sky.

More pictures.


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