Millersburg Ferry and Shikellamy State Park

Crossing the river.

Crossing the river.

The Susquehanna River between Sunbury and Duncannon is one of the most beautiful large rivers in the country.  In places, the river is over a mile wide and has hundreds of islands and islets.  It is a world onto itself.  The river is surprisingly undeveloped as it cuts through rolling green ridges and slanted cliffs.

The Millersburg Ferry is the last on the Susquehanna River and the only rear wooden paddlewheel ferry in the country.  It began in 1825 when boats were poled across the river.  I had to get across the river to visit a friend, and I wanted to try something other crossing the bridge at Duncannon.  I drove through the scenic town of Millersburg and soon found the ferry.  The ferry was pulling out just as I got there and waited for its return.  The ferry returned and I pulled onto it with two other cars and some motorcycles.   The fare was $8.

We slowly made our way across the river, which we were told was about six feet deep.  The river was beautiful with its islands.  Ducks and ducklings swam in a line as herons flew overhead.  Kayakers dotted the surface.

Islands of the Susquehanna

Islands of the Susquehanna

We reached the other side of the river.  On the way home, I drove along the river to see dozens of resplendent white egrets sitting in the trees and coves of the islands, looking for their next meal.  The rapids of McKee’s Half Falls soon came into view; the whitewater stretched like a line across the river.

I stopped by Shikellamy State Park and drove up to the lookout to see the two branches of the Susquehanna meet.

View from Shikellamy State Park

View from Shikellamy State Park

More photos and videos.


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