Lincoln and Teaberry Trails – Quehanna Wild Area

View from the Teaberry Trail

View from the Teaberry Trail

My final hike after Prowl the Sproul was a visit to the Quehanna Wild Area.  I initially hoped to do a longer loop that included the meadows along the Bridge Trail, but I changed plans due to the heat and hot sun.  I decided to do a loop along the Teaberry and Lincoln Trails instead.  Gnats greeted me at the parking area, but when I hiked the Teaberry Trail they soon disappeared.  The Lincoln Trail features a beautiful, aromatic forest of pine with moss, ferns, and ground pine.

I crossed the lonely Quehanna Highway and followed the yellow East Cross Connector Trail through meadows and over small streams.  I turned right onto the Teaberry Trail, which was brushy, but the path was still discernible.  Giant ferns bordered the trail.  I hiked to the edge of the plateau with large moss covered rocks and rhododendron tunnels.  A nice view looked down a forested valley.  The trail continued to follow the rim of the plateau, passing a large rock outcrop with a small view.  I then descended to Paige Run, the best part of the hike.  The trail followed the run longer than I expected.  The glen was beautiful with cascades, pools, some old growth hemlocks, rhododendron and massive boulders.  I wish I could have spent more time along this gorgeous creek.

I climbed away from the creek at a massive house sized boulder.  The trail was a little hard to follow in one spot.  I climbed to a cliff with red colors.  There was another nice view from the top.  More fern meadows followed until I crossed the Quehanna Highway.  The trail then followed an old grade with grass.  Blazes were few, but the trail simply followed the grade through a meadow.  The grade re-entered a scenic forest and soon returned to the parking area.  I decided to hike down to the Beaver Run Pond for some views across the water, which reflected the growing cumulus grows.  I returned to my car, bringing an end to my journey through this beautiful area of Pennsylvania.

More photos and videos.

Map of the Quehanna Wild Area.

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