An Unnamed Falls, SGL 57



On a cool, misty day, I returned to SGL 57.  I hiked up along an unnamed creek, located just north of Scouten Brook.  I had been there a few years before.  At first, the creek was dry.  But as I hiked up the streambed, slipping on rocks, or having a foot disappear into piles of sodden leaves, water appeared.  The small creek linked clear pools with water slides and small cascades over bedrock clothed in moss.

The creek carved a deep glen, surrounded by steep slopes.  I followed an old logging grade as it took me above an eight foot falls.  I continued upstream, and soon a beautiful fifteen foot falls came into view, surrounded by fractured cliffs dripping with springs.  The falls slid into a clear pool lined with leaves.

I continued to see more waterslides, but there were no more waterfalls.  I looked through the bare forest to the slope above me, white birch trees stood like skeletons among the pine trees.  It reminded me of the Adirondack forests I had seen a few weeks before.  The small stream tumbled down the glen below.

More photos.

Location of the unnamed creek.







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