The View from Kellogg Mountain-SGL 36


Panorama from Kellogg Mountain

Kellogg Mountain is in SGL 36 and rises between Millstone, Schrader, and South Branch Towanda Creeks. I’ve known of the possibility of some views on the mountain, so I recently climbed it to check them out.  I drove down Weston Road and turned right on a gravel road that went by a gas pad.  I continued up the road to a gate and small parking area on the left, next to a spruce plantation.

Since the road was gated, I simply hiked up it. The climb was steady and there were some switchbacks, but I made it to the top in good time.  The trees were a little more stunted at the summit with a variety of pine trees and blueberry meadows.  A number of radio and communication towers were also at the summit.  The road took me to an old, dilapidated cabin next to the site of a fire tower, now torn down.  The small cabin was interesting and even had a keystone embedded in its chimney.  Here, the road ended at a small parking area.  When the gate is open, it is possible to drive to the top, all the way to the old cabin, and greatly reduce the length of this hike.

The rest of the hike followed an old grassy forest road south. It was an enjoyable hike.  I crossed a very small stream and negotiated some wet areas.  The mountain was isolated with only the wind to accompany me.  I disturbed some grouse as turkey vultures flew overhead.  I reached a meadow and saw an obvious trail to the left that went through a laurel thicket.  I followed this trail until it degraded into a maze of smaller, game trails that soon brought me to an impressive series of cliffs.  I had reached the view.

It was a stunning view from the large white balconies of the cliffs, looking down a nearby glen where I could hear a tumbling stream. There was the steep walled valley of the South Branch Towanda Creek and tiers of ridges that stretched down into the valley.  I could see the profile of the mountains to the east with their rolling plateaus and peaks.  Between the mountains there were views to the east and north where I could see farmlands, and even the windmills near Mehoopany.  The views stretched for 20-30 miles and I wouldn’t be surprised if I could see into New York.  The scope and range of this view was superb, offering a variety of scenery.  Facing east, the view would be ideal for the sunrise, or even the sunset as the valleys below filled with shadows.  These views were truly impressive and I’m surprised they are not well known.

The white cliffs were also striking, providing three vistas from massive balconies of overhanging rock. These balconies made it ideal to rest and enjoy the sun and views.  Each view was similar, but offered a slightly different perspective.  Narrow trails follows the cliff rim.  Be careful as these are big cliffs and a fall will be deadly.  Turkey vultures sailed overhead, looking down on me and wondering why there was someone where they like to land.

I retraced my steps, vowing to return in the Autumn, or anytime.  After, I stopped by the impressive Lamoka Rapids on Schrader Creek, watching the clear, powerful current pulsate through the smooth, polished bedrock before it cascaded into a deep, aquamarine pool.

Kellogg Mountain is another of Pennsylvania’s hidden gems that you need to see.

More photos.

Location of the views on Google maps.


This hike is easy!

  1. Follow Weston Road from the village of Powell.  After about 1.5 miles turn left onto a gravel road.  If you cross Millstone Creek, you went too far.
  2. The road gets a little steep, but is well maintained.  Reach SGL 36 and a small parking area on the left at a spruce plantation.  The road is gated and you must walk the road to do this hike.  Parking area is at N 41 40.978′ W 076 29.929′.
  3. If the gate is open (usually during hunting season), you can drive to the top of the mountain.  The road does get somewhat steep and is narrow in places, but is well-maintained.  The road switchbacks up the mountain.  It reaches a small parking area and the drivable road ends before a wooden gate.  This is at the old cabin.
  4. Follow the grassy forest road south.  Be prepared for sun exposure.
  5. Cross a very small stream, and then negotiate some wet areas.
  6. Reach a meadow and look for an obvious ATV trail on the left, through some laurel bushes.  N 41 39.836′ W 076 28.600′.
  7. Follow this trail as you near the cliffs.  The ATV trail ends, follow smaller, meandering game trails a short distance to the cliffs.
  8. There are three vistas and you can walk to each along the cliff rim, but be careful. N 41 39.790′ W 076 28.481′.
  9. There appears to be some bear activity along the cliffs.
  10. Kellogg Mountain has a reputation for snakes, watch out for them on hot, sunny days.
  11. From the bottom this hike is about 4-5 miles one way.  From the top it is about 1.5 miles one way.

Get out there!

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