Lehigh Gorge, Mt. Pisgah, and Jim Thorpe Vistas


View from Mt. Pisgah, Jim Thorpe, PA. 

I recently met up with my friend Mike to hike the Lehigh Gorge.  Our first stop was to see Tank Hollow Vista, which I had been to in the Spring.  The hike this time seemed to go a lot more quickly and we were soon at the vista.  There was a dam release on the river, as the sounds of the rapids filled the gorge.  We saw rafters and kayakers paddling through the rapids far below.  This really is an impressive view, and the hike is easy.  The metallic shades of bare trees and cliffs from my Spring hike were replaced with deep green forests.  We hung out at the vista and thought about going down to Stony Creek falls, but the heat of the day convinced us otherwise.

I had wanted to see another vista on the gorge’s rim, but I couldn’t find a way to access it, so we drove down to Jim Thorpe to climb Mt. Pisgah.  Jim Thorpe is a beautiful town, and was busy as usual, but we soon found the trail up to Mt. Pisgah which offered great views of the Lehigh and the plateaus.  We could also see Glen Onoko and Jeans Run’s glen.  It had been nearly 20 years since I had last been to Mt. Pisgah.  Mt. Pisgah was home to inclined planes and railroads decades ago, and several old grades still exist.

View of Jim Thorpe

We then checked out another view south of Jim Thorpe from a closed bar, and then we saw a sign for one hundred mile views.  We drove up and there was an impressive 100 mile panorama showing Blue Mountain and the Kittatinny Ridge in New Jesey.  The view was from land being sold for a housing development and the view was a marketing ploy.  Regardless, the view was worth it.


More photos:




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