Rocks and Hemlocks- SGL 57


Caves, chasms and boulders in the rain.

On this hike in SGL 57, I wanted to explore some cliffs, boulders, and rock formations on the rim of the plateau, located between South and Somer Brooks.  I parked at the game commission parking lot and followed the gated road.  I turned left onto Henry Lott Road and continued to the next grassy forest road, just before the stone cabin, where I turned left.  This road climbed through the woods and met another road, where I turned right.  I continued on this road until I bushwhacked into the woods, heading west along a seasonal stream.  I crossed the High Knob Trail and continued off trail along the rim of the plateau, heading south.  I soon encountered large rocks.  The terrain was difficult but the outcrops were beautiful.  Massive boulders, clothed in moss and ferns, were along the ridge.  They were cracked and leaning, creating caves and chasms.  There were also many rock shelters and overhangs.  It began to rain and I was able to retreat under and overhang to get my rain jacket on while staying dry.  As I continued, the scenery improved with more and more massive boulders, some stacked, other leaning.  Above me was a hemlock forest.  I climbed up to it and the bedrock beneath my feet was riddled with deep chasms and caves.  I had to watch my step.  The rain began to fall harder, so I found refuge in another rock shelter.

The rain abated, so I continued my hike.  I hiked between two massive rock slabs and then reached a series of massive overhangs, some of the largest I’ve seen in SGL 57.  One was about 50 feet tall.  I climbed to the top and returned to the hemlock forest.  The forest was dark and a little spooky.  I reached a stream and crossed the High Knob Trail again.  I continued east through the rain until I reached the road I had hiked earlier, and retraced my steps.  I hoped to see Somer Brook Falls, but the weather wasn’t cooperating and I was fairly soaked, so I returned to the car.

Another hidden, beautiful, diverse, and kind of spooky place in SGL 57.

More photos:


  1. I parked here.  41.418145, -76.163710
  2. Turn left here. 41.421404, -76.167443
  3. Turn left.   41.428839, -76.171625
  4. Turn right.  41.429241, -76.178993
  5. Leave forest road, bushwhack into woods to the left (west).  41.433632, -76.183713
  6. Hike to the edge of the plateau to the beginning of the rocks.  41.435398, -76.187361
  7. Follow the line of cliffs and boulders in a southwest direction to this point. 41.429864, -76.193713
  8. Hemlock forest is located here: 41.432452, -76.191824

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