Dayhiking at Worlds End State Park


We returned to Worlds End for some dayhiking.  Our first hike was on the unofficial Sawtooth Trail, which I described previously.  This second hike was as enjoyable as the first as the trail explored big rocks, ledges, crevasses, and unique whitish triangular ledges.  This is truly a beautiful trail that should be on anyone’s list when they visit the park.  We reached the Link Trail and turned left, through hemlock forests and above more ledges.  These two trails create a 2-3 mile loop that is easy and very scenic.  Please note the Sawtooth Trail is unofficial, it does not have blazes or signs, but it is fairly well established as it explores the top of the ledges.


Our second hike began at the park office.  We hiked to the orange blazed Butternut Trail and began the climb up, before turning right on the “lower road” sign as the trail crossed a steep slope with the Loyalsock Creek below.  We then entered the scenic glen of the Butternut Run with ledges and many wildflowers.  Butternut Run was flowing well as the trail passed above a waterfall.  Switchbacks over rocky slopes soon brought us to Butternut Vista with a nice view of the creek and park.  The trail from the vista was level and quite scenic, passing a side trail on the right that went up to Loyalsock Road.  The Butternut Trail passed below another falls that was further off trail at the top of the glen and then proceeded through the forest with more fine scenery of big trees and flowers above the deep glen.  I really enjoyed this trail.


We then reached a yellow trail to the right.  This unnamed trail was an easy old grade through a stately hardwood forest with some big vines.  Cliffs rose above us to the right.  The grade was obvious with a slight incline as it wrapped around the mountain and entered the glen of High Rock Run.  Down in the glen was a falls and grotto I never noticed before.  We crossed High Rock Run and passed a campsite, which brought us to the Loyalsock Trail (LT), where we turned left.

Map of loop from Butternut Trail to High Rock Run

The LT descended high above High Rock Run, taking us through hemlocks and between rocks before High Rock Vista.  We left the LT and took the High Rock Trail down to PA 154 and the state park.  This loop was about 4-5 miles.


These are two great loops that you need to check out the next time you’re at Worlds End.

More photos.




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