Falling Springs Falls


Located along Coxton Road, north of Pittston, is one of the areas most scenic falls.  Known as Falling Springs, or Falling Springs Falls, it features a creek that tumbles over a large cliff, about 40-50 feet tall.  The falls are a short distance from the road, but parking is very limited.

I’ve never seen the falls posted as private property.  A short trail from the road leads to the base of the falls.  There is some graffiti.  The falls are unique in that they plummet in a straight column, as compared to fanning out over a cascade.  The setting is impressive.

A trail to the left, if looking at the falls, leads to the top.  A short scramble in between a ledge is required.  The top features a broad cliff with views of the river and surrounding mountains.  Be careful along the cliff as a fall would be deadly.  No trespassing signs begin above the falls.


Falling Springs is nice spot for a quick reprieve to enjoy some natural beauty.  The falls are below the famous Campbells Ledge.

Location of the falls.

More photos.


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