Glacier Pools Preserve


Located near Picture Rocks, the Glacier Pools Preserve in eastern Lycoming County is an ideal place for a hike.  It covers 270 acres with a network of trails through beautiful woods, fields, meadows, and views of the Allegheny Front.  Its namesake are the numerous vernal pools on the property, remnants of melting blocks of glaciers from thousands of years ago.  These pools support a wide variety of wildlife and the meadows are home to a variety of grasses and wildflowers.


The parking area is on Pine Tree Road, and is a little discreet.  About four cars can park there.  I began on Meadow Trail-West with its flowers.  I continued straight on the Wagon Road Trail through a beautiful and diverse forest of pine, hemlock, and hardwoods.  The trail followed an old woods road, but then climbed away on a more rugged path.  Next, I turned right on the yellow Mander Meander as it passed a couple vernal pools in the forests with ferns.  Frogs croaked from the pools.


I hiked around the High Field Trail, turned right on the Mander Meander, and then on the red Shortcut Trail which brought me to a view of the Allegheny Front and rolling foothills.  It was a nice view, made even more scenic by the setting sun.  Deer snorted their annoyance with my presence as insects flew in the fading sunlight.


I descended and hiked the Meadow Trail-East with more flowers and a rising moon.  I then returned to my car.  If you like frogs, salamanders, views, or flowers, check out this preserve.

More photos.

More information.



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