Prouty Place State Park


Prouty Place State Park

My tour of the PA Wilds continued with a visit to Prouty Place State Park, one of the smallest, least visited and isolated state parks in PA.


There isn’t much to this park, it is basically a meadow, crossed by a dirt road, with a defunct hand pump well and a port a john.  The park is five acres in size.  It appears you can camp at the park at undeveloped sites in the meadow, or along scenic Prouty Run.   The park is located in a very isolated, wooded valley that makes it a rustic and beautiful getaway.


A yellow trail from the park leads to the Susquehannock Trail.  It is a very nice hike along a small stream with beautiful pine forests.  It joins the Susquehannock Trail at a stream and small campsite.


Prouty Place is ideal as a basecamp to explore the northern Susquehannock State Forest.  Coudersport, Austin Dam, Patterson State Park, Denton Hill State Park, Cherry Springs State Park, Lyman Run State Park, and Hammersley Wild Area are all a fairly short drive away.  This area of the state forest features a vast network of mountain biking and hiking trails, and if you don’t want to hike, the forest roads lead to many superb vistas.

If you want to escape civilization and the crowds for a few days, go to Prouty Place.

More photos.


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