Lyman Run State Park


View of Lyman Run State Park

Our tour of the PA Wilds ends with beautiful Lyman Run State Park, a 595 acre park well known for its beauty and isolation, located near Galeton, PA.  It features a pristine 45 acre lake surrounded by mountains and even a small beach.  It is the perfect place to kayak or fish, and the mountains offer superb fall foliage.


There are several hiking trails in the park that wrap around the lake, go along Lyman Run, or climb the mountains to views and large rocks.  The Susquehannock Trail passes just to the west of the park.  The park also has camping.  With more amenities than  nearby state parks, Lyman Run is the perfect weekend basecamp to explore the Susquehannock State Forest and PA Wilds.


I’ve always enjoyed Lyman Run because it feels isolated and “out of the way”.   The views of the mountains and lake are truly beautiful.  The lake’s dam was reconstructed a few years ago and now features a unique spillway with angle concrete piers that has become a sort of architectural attraction.


Our visit to the park was quick.  We took in the vista and drove down Wildcat Hollow which surprised me with its beauty- it was a steep glen with a stunning open forest of large hardwoods and fern meadows.  We could see the entire glen through the trees.  We stopped by the lake and enjoyed the fine scenery.  Afterwards we did a quick hike on the Susquehannock Trail and its swinging bridge across Lyman Run.


Looking for a new weekend getaway?  Lyman Run State Park is the perfect place.

More photos.


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