Mill Creek Falls-Loyalsock State Forest

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Mill Creek Falls, Loyalsock State Forest

Mill Creek Falls, located outside of Hillsgrove, is a well known destination in the Loyalsock State Forest. The falls is about 12 feet high and has a beautiful deep pool surrounded by ledges and cliffs. Downstream is a gorge with moss, hemlocks, slides, and pools. A longer loop version of this hike is described as hike no. 49 in Hiking the Endless Mountains.


I parked in a pull-off on the left along Mill Creek Road, which about 1.5 miles from Hillsgrove. An unmarked but obvious trail descended to the creek and gorge; the falls soon came into view. It isn’t hard to descend to the creek and look at the falls from the bottom, the more impressive view, with the cliffs, ledges, and aquamarine pool. In 2016, an epic flash flood struck Mill Creek, causing catastrophic flooding to Hillsgrove. Even on this hike I was able to see where the flood line scoured the sides of the gorge, about 15-20 feet high. Vegetation was stripped from bedrock and large boulders were tossed with ease.


I decided to hike up the creek to see how much of the old trail remained. I crossed the creek above the falls and followed the remnants of an old grade. I then crossed Mill Creek a second time and walked around a vast floodplain of gravel and cobblestones. On the left side of the creek was a cliff with cascading springs. I crossed the creek a third and final time and entered a grotto of green ledges with moss and lichens; many springs flowed out of the ground. I crested a ridge and then followed another old grade that was damaged by the floods, but I was still able to follow it. Large trees and root balls littered the forest floor. The creek was still scenic but I thought of my hike on this trail years ago with the thick hemlocks and peaceful stream unmarred by floods.


I hiked past a cabin, turned right onto Big Hollow Road, and found away across Mill Creek again as the bridge was separated from the road. Mill Creek created a new channel that bypassed the bridge. I walked to Mil Creek Road and turned right and walked the road back to my car.


While the hike up Mill Creek may no longer be as beautiful as it once was, the short hike to Mill Creek Falls is- it is a gorgeous place whether it be a hot summer day or frozen in white by winter.

More photos.



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