Fall Brook Falls-Tioga State Forest


Fall Brook Falls, Tioga State Forest

Fall Brook Falls is a beautiful spot in Tioga County. Once a well-known destination, as evidenced by a metal guardrail along the rim of the gorge and a quaint stone footbridge, Fall Brook now seems forgotten.


Here, Fall Brook tumbles through an impressive gorge, about 60-70 feet deep.  There are two falls, slides, cascades, rapids and pools.  Cliffs and ledges surround the creek, and a seasonal falls flows on the other side.  Hemlocks tower over the gorge.


The creek used to be afflicted with acid mine drainage.  Now, it is treated with limestone and the water quality is much improved.


From the pull off parking area, walk the forest road back and then veer left across the stone footbridge.  Enter a grove of hemlocks above the creek.  The trail is obvious, but it is not blazed or marked.  A guardrail lines the top of the gorge.  Look down on the first falls, a slide.  It is hard to see the second falls since the gorge is so steep.  Be careful walking along the edge of the gorge.


A trail descends to the creek at a slide and deep pool.  To see the falls, I recommend you hike off trail and head upstream into the gorge.  As long as the water isn’t high, this hike isn’t too difficult.  Watch for slippery rocks.  The gorge is very impressive from the bottom with the cliffs and falls.  Stop at the falls, about a 12 foot drop into a deep pool.  It is too difficult to climb above this falls.  Return the way you came.


The parking area is at 41.678956, -76.989407.

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