Rider Park


View of Smiths Knob from Rider Park

After enduring the vicious mosquitoes at Jacoby Falls, I decided to give hiking a second try at nearby Rider Park.  There I was met with pleasant conditions.  No bugs, and a slight breeze.  My enjoyment of hiking returned.


Rider Park is privately owned, but open to the public.  It was a gift of Thomas J. Rider to the local community.  It is a beautiful park with 10 miles of trails arranged in a variety of loops that go to vistas, explore forests, and cross meadows filled with wildflowers.  The terrain at the park tends to be moderate with gradual changes in elevation.

What trails should you hike at the park?  Do not miss the Katy Jane or Francis X. Kennedy Trails.  The Katy Jane Trail is a 2.5 mile loop that goes to two beautiful vistas that look south over foothills and farms to distant ridges.


The Francis X. Kennedy Trail passes along meadows, enters the woods, and reaches a beautiful view looking up the narrow Loyalsock Creek valley to the distinctive peak of Smiths Knob.  It is about a mile long.

The Meadow Loop, as the name implies, circles meadows and fields which are great for birdwatching and wildflowers.  Cheryl’s Trail explores the more isolated northern parts of the park with forests and small meadows.  This trail also connects to others in the Loyalsock State Forest.  In fact, it is possible to hike from Jacoby Falls to Rider Park.

Rider Park is a great place to take a hike.

Map and brochure.

The parking area is located at 41.347179, -76.936413.

More photos.





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