Hiking to Deep Hollow Falls and Split Rock-SGL 36


Deep Hollow Falls

SGL 36 is located south of Monroeton and features a surprising array of natural beauty. There are cliffs, excellent views, waterfalls, gorges, and rock mazes. Off of Deep Hollow Road, there is an unblazed, unsigned trail that goes up to a unique rock maze called Split Rock with a view and impressive chasms and mazes.


We parked at a pull off along Deep Hollow Road located at the game lands boundary and sign. The trail begins across the road. Next to the trail is a small creek. First, we hiked up along the creek. There really isn’t a trail, so follow the creek as best you can. We came to some small cascades, a 12 foot falls, and then a glen with an impressive 40 foot falls, Deep Hollow Falls. Cliffs and ledges towered around us. The falls is an impressive sight, but it does often dry up in summer. There are more waterfalls above Deep Hollow Falls, but they are not nearly as tall.


We made our way back to the trail and climbed up to the plateau through thick laurel and some wet areas. The creek announced its presence below us. The trail curved left and continued its gradual climb. We then reached a T intersection, where we turned left. The trail was a little less established, but still easy to follow as it crossed the top of the plateau with oaks and rock outcrops. At some cairns and rocks arranged to read “Love You”, the trail went left to the edge of the plateau to a fine view over Deep Hollow and the plateaus. Below were cliffs and deep chasms.


To see the chasms, we hiked off trail, heading west along the top of the rocks. We made sure to avoid the deep cracks and chasms in the white bedrock. We reached an area where the rocks had separated further in a variety of tilted, upright rectangles. Here, we descended to the bottom to explore the various chasms, mazes, and passageways. The scenery was unique and beautiful. Split Rock is comprised of white conglomerate.


I explored the base of the rocks with its overhangs and small caves. There were tight passes and veils of moss. We made our way to the top and bushwhacked back to the trail and returned to the car.


This is a great hike of moderate difficulty and is about 3 miles, round trip. Be very careful exploring the rocks and deep chasms. The conglomerate gets slick when it is wet.

The parking pull off is located at approximately 41.647178, -76.520248.


More photos.


Thanks to Ben Van Riper for his assistance with this map.

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