Red Run Gorge Vista-Quehanna Wild Area


Red Run Gorge Vista, Quehanna Wild Area

Quehanna Wild Area has some spectacular off trail vistas from cliffs, ledges, and meadows. While some of these vistas are difficult to reach, the view over Red Run Gorge is fairly easy.


I began at the parking area for the Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment and followed the yellow Lincoln Loop counterclockwise, or to the right. It followed an old grade, passed a meadow, and slightly descended to and crossed the Quehanna Highway. The trail re-entered the woods, crossed a small meadow, and reached a fine view over Paige Run from a cliff.


Here I left the Lincoln Loop or Trail and hiked off trail to the right or east, following the top edge of the plateau. The woods were mostly open, but became a little brushy from striped maple. I crossed a small stream and climbed across some small meadows. Some ledges were below, but there were no views. Rhododendrons clung to the side of the mountain.


I continued my climb and soon reached the view, it was impressive. One part of the view looked up Paige Run, the other part looked straight down the gorge of Red Run. There were no signs of development. Fall colors were just beginning, but the forests were otherwise green. I sat at the view for a while, surprised that it is virtually unknown. Quehanna has so many secrets.


South of the vista is a beautiful open forests with giant hardwoods, tulip poplars, and carpets of deep green ground pine. I retraced my steps back to my car.

More photos.

The hike is about .75 mile, one way.

Parking are is located at: 41.261314, -78.258114

Vista is located at: 41.268897, -78.244951



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