Hiking Quinn Run-SGL 13


One of many falls on Quinn Run.

The proposed Endless Mountains Trail (EMT) is routed to follow beautiful Quinn Run in SGL 13, so I decided to explore it. I met up with Ben at the parking area next to Lewis Falls. Keep in mind the road to this parking area is only open during hunting season, generally from September to January. I had explored Quinn Run years prior, so I was excited to return.  This is in an area known as the Waterfall Wonderland.


We first checked out impressive Lewis Falls as it roared into the gorge below. The creeks were high, so it took some time to cross. We were soon on an obvious, but unmarked and unblazed trail as it climbed from Heberly Run. Quinn Run was below us, filled with an assortment of cascades and falls. After a half mile, we left that trail, bearing left onto another old grade that was obvious, but had a fainter trail.


This grade took us to where Quinn and Shanty Runs meet, a stunning place featuring bedrock gorges and waterfalls as the two streams join. We scrambled above to the flagged route of the EMT. We then proceeded to hike up Quinn Run, at times following the flagged route, and at times just following the creek. Quinn Run is a stream of incredible beauty with its assortment of waterfalls, cascades, deep pools, and grottos. It will surely be a highlight of the EMT.


We entered a gorge to see the tallest of the falls, featuring three drops that totaled about 30 feet. Above were a series of bedrock slides and a final 7 or 8 foot falls over a wide ledge. We were amazed by the beauty of this creek. The water was crystal clear as moss clung to the ledges and springs seemed to drip from everywhere.


For our return, we decided to avoid walking down the creek and instead try to find a grade above, on the west side of the stream. We scrambled up and soon found the grade. This grade was a blessing, and still in great shape, as it seemed to whisk us back to our cars. It was far above Quinn Run and the waterfalls were out of sight. Eventually, the grade came within view of some of the falls, offering impressive panoramas of the gorge. The grade continued its descent, passing outcrops and large trees. We soon reached Heberly Run, just below an impressive bedrock gorge and falls. The pool in the gorge looked incredibly deep. The grade ended at Heberly Run; finding this grade was a blessing and made our hike much easier.


We crossed Heberly Run and reached our cars. This was a more mild, and shorter, bushwhack than I am used to, but it was beautiful and worthwhile nonetheless. There is so much beauty in these Pennsylvania highlands.

We parked at 41.337203, -76.363707.

More photos.



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