Explore the Hiker, Cliff and East Shore Trails Loop-Prompton State Park

This is a great mini-hike that packs in a lot of scenery.  Prompton State Park is a hidden gem with a beautiful lake, hemlock forests, falls, ledges, and over twenty miles of hiking and mountain biking trails along an extensive network.  This hike is at the northern end of the park and is about 1.5-2 miles long.

From the parking area, follow the trail to the Hiker Trail and turn left.  This trail meanders up the mountain, exploring the tiers of ledges.  It is a great trail and features impressive ice flows in winter.  Take time to explore the ledges and rock overhangs as springs trickle over them.  The rocks are colorful with lichens and moss.  At the top of the ledges, veer right onto another trail and hike along the top of the ledges.  On our winter hike, we could see more ice flows and draperies.  The forests are primarily hardwoods.  We dropped into a hemlock shaded glen with red bedrock, slides and cascades.

We crossed the creek and hiked up the other side.  There we turned right onto an old grade or trail as it descended along the glen.  I’m not sure if this is the Sidewinder Trail.  Regardless, you’ll want to take the trail closest to the glen and falls.  The falls soon came into view as they tumbled over the red bedrock under hemlocks.  This glen is very scenic and a highlight of the hike.  However, the creek is seasonal and often dry in summer.  
Turn right and hike up along the West Branch Lackawaxen River, enjoying the views over the babbling creek.  Complete the loop and retrace your steps.

Parking is at 41.635577, -75.346180.

For the map above, I is the Hiker Trail, C is the Cliff Trail, M is the Sidewinder Trail. The red trail along the river is the East Shore Trail.

See Friends of Prompton State Park for more information.

A visit from several years ago.

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